Inside the Secret Life of Sally Struthers

Well, there is no news today, so I thought it would be fun to uncover the secret life of Sally Struthers. That's just how my sick mind works I guess, so here goes. The "bubbly" actress was TV's Gloria on All in the Family in the 70's. Then she got real fat and worked for Save the Children, and it just seemed wrong, because the kids were all so hungry and she wasn't!

Sally Struthers is a psycho! She collects a bunch of crap, and lives in a house packed with tacky junk and 250 cats. Other startling news... she can afford a housekeeper, and made Dionne Warwick, (Whitney Houston's aunt) real mad!

"The warehouse people love me," Sally said from her home in the Hollywood Hills. "I've got so much stuff, a lot of it is in storage. I guess I'm a packrat."

No kidding. She collects angels, stuffed Scotty dogs, tiny antique dolls, silver frames, wedding cake toppers, cats, antique perfume bottles and decorative pillows. And that's just in the bedroom! "I must have 250 cats by now," laughed the portly actress. She also collects antique masks, drink glasses, tin doll houses, teapots, little books (5" tall or shorter) and tiny shoe replicas.

"I think Maryelena, my dear housekeeper, secretly hates me," Struthers laughed. "She's the one who has to dust all this stuff."
"As soon as that rooster wallpaper went up in my kitchen, roosters were flying at me from every direction," Struthers said. She was given rooster pictures, statues, salt and pepper shakers, a water pitcher, a plate with a rooster and an antique brass vase with a rooster image. Her response to the incoming tide? Start a new collection!

Sally even has collections she doesn't see any more, because they're in crates buried in a sea of other crates in a warehouse somewhere. Her collection of black memorabilia, for example, used to be displayed in a huge, converted linen closet off one of the bathrooms in her former residence.
When Struthers put the house up for sale, one of the people who came by to have a look was Dionne Warwick, the singer. "She absolutely loved the place, but when she got to that closet and saw the black memorabilia, she was offended and left very quickly. I was so devastated I took it all down and put it in boxes. I'm sorry she felt that way. I didn't realize the collection could offend."