Furry Dude Had Sex With Larry Craig: WARNING! EXTRA GROSS!

This is David Phillips and he had sex with Larry Craig , the senator from Idaho who got busted in a Minneapolis airport men's room. David spoke to Wonkette about his tryst with Larry. This is barf-inducing.

David met Larry at this bar called La Cage aux Follies on Capitol Hill

David said, “When we got to what reminded me of a rarely used guest room, he stripped me down, and the man’s hands and mouth were all over me. He kept his pants on, though, while laying me back on the bed to s**k my c**k. Then, he stripped naked and asked me to s**k him. I complied for a while, then he disappeared and returned with lube and a condom to f**k me me with. It was a clumsy and unremarkable f**k, except that I wasn’t clean and he was frantic about not getting my shit on anything. Still, he b**w his l**d, ripped the dirty condom off and ordered me to get dressed without wiping myself. He hurried me to the back door, again ranting, ‘You were never here. You don’t know me. Right?’”


Larry then practically pushed David out the door, handed him $20 and said, "Remember, I can buy and sell your ass ten thousand times over. You were never here. Don’t try to come back here. You don’t know me."

Gross. Wow, all I can think of is TWENTY DOLLARS??? For ALL THAT? What a bargain! Yuk.

source: Dlisted