Seal Reunited With Family on Oprah Show

Seal reunites with his foster sister, Hilary

Oprah Kept shouting, "I DID IT!!!" to take credit for Seal's reunion
Seal with his foster family, The Scoolings

Singer Seal broke down in tears as he was reunited with his long-lost foster sister on The Oprah Show.

The 44-year-old musician sobbed after Oprah contacted his Essex foster family and flew one of them, Hilary, to Chicago to meet him.

His wife Heidi Klum said on the show: "Every time when we talk about when he was a little boy he had no memory."

Seal, a triple Grammy Award winner, went to live with the Scooling family in Romford shortly after he was born in February 1963. He remained with his foster parents and four foster siblings until he was four, then he returned to his biological mother.

Seal listened in amazement as Oprah played a film the family had recorded.

His foster sisters and brothers, who knew the singer as Henry, revisited the house in Romford where they grew up and reminisced about their lost brother.
"Wherever we went, he was always there," sister Hilary said.

"It was just like being a brother to us and that was it. He was another addition to our family. We never treated him any different."

The family said they remembered playing with Henry on the seesaw, pushing him around in a buggy and playing in the garden. They described him as "well-liked" and said children up the road used to visit him all the time.

Hilary said she was devastated when their mother told them Seal was going back to his biological parents.

The Kiss From a Rose singer said he had never found his foster family - until his wife tracked them down last year for a birthday surprise.

"On my birthday last year, Heidi was in Germany with the kids and she said 'I've got this thing, this surprise - I've got to tell you for your birthday'," he told Oprah.

"I said 'What is it?' and she said 'I think I've found your parents'.

source: Dailymail