Jamie Lynne Has it All Together

Jamie Lynne is complaining to pals that she doesn't want to get married with a "big gut." Someone should explain to her that her big gut is actually a baby. A hillbilly, but still, a baby. In Touch Weekly reports:

Jamie Lynn and Casey are expected to move into their new home soon but still have not set a wedding date. “I don’t want to get married with a big gut under my dress,” a witness heard Jamie Lynn say while shopping. There are also whispers that tension remains between Jamie Lynn and her parents over the marriage.

However, her sister Britney is impressed with how well Jamie Lynn is coping. “I am so proud of my sister,” Britney was recently overheard saying. “She seems to really have it all together.” Well. if Britney thinks she "has it all together" then she must!

Jamie Lynn and Casey have reportedly picked out the name for the little one, whenever she does make her grand entrance into the world. According to the weekly entertainment magazine their favorite name that they have picked out so far is Emma Jo Jean. If it should be a lil' hillbilly boy, his name would be LeRoy Dean or Harley Bob.