These look-a-likes, who aren't look-a-likes at all, attended the 17th Annual Reel Awards last night in Las Vegas. It's like the Oscars for impersonators, and I really hope none of these freaks won.
As if this old Spanish guy looks a thing like Johnny Depp, just because of his facial hair and glasses, go home, dude

She is way too old to be a Britney look-a-like, and, she needs to be way fatter

Okay, this Tupac is pretty good, but how hard is it to look like Tupac if you're a black dude?

And this Jessica is pretty good too, she looks stupid and ugly, just like the real one

Nice wave. Nope, not Martha

The Brad and Angelina are the worst, so lame.

As if those clowns look A THING like them