Bitch From "The Block"

Jennifer Lopez used to pride herself in being a humble down-to-earth homegirl who would never let fame get in the way of "keeping it real."

With songs like ‘I’m Real’ and ‘Jenny from the Block’, J Lo tried to convince everyone that she wouldn’t let stardom spoil her. Too bad it didn’t pan out that way.

Jennifer Lopez is so wrapped up in being a famous diva that she doesn’t even talk to her mother, Guadalupe, anymore. The two used to be extremely close and Jennifer always praised Guadalupe for believing in her. But these days the two rarely speak.

When a reporter went to Guadalupe’s home to verify the news that Jennifer was pregnant, he was met with a mother who is obviously crushed that her daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. She said that she hasn’t heard anything about the pregnancy and snidely commented,

“I didn’t hear about it. You know more than I do. I don’t talk to her very often. I don’t see her often.”