Justin is a Rude Little Pig

I hate Justin Timberlake, so Guy Rubino, the skinniest chef I've ever seen, is my new hero.

Guy Rubino is the master chef and owner of Rain Asian restaurant in Toronto. He says Nelly Furtado came in and brought a bunch of people who were not on her reservation. He tried to accomodate her and her party but, expected them to order off a prix-fixe type of menu. Nelly was a bitch and demanded individual orders and then her manager came into the kitchen and tried to strong arm Guy, saying "Just fucking do it!" Guy Rubino replied "Just fucking leave!"
Ha! I love that. Guy also talks about Justin Timberlake and what a rude little prick he is.
"Timberlake comes into Rain, doesn't even look at the menu and shouts for random food that we don't make...If he knew what he wanted, why come to an Asian restaurant in the first place?"