Sean's Teeth Are Orange

Britney Spears’ 2-year-old son Sean Preston’s teeth were looking highly discolored on Thursday while out on a shopping trip with mom to L.A.’s Robertson Boulevard. One possible reason? “He’s having dental problems because Britney just shoves a bottle of juice or coke in his mouth all the time to stop him from crying,” a family insider told Us Weekly last month. Another source said that, in April, Spears, 25, “asked an L.A. dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth!” The dentist refused. A Spears pal also told Us that the star feeds her children “total crap like Doritos and soda,” and a source who has spent a great deal of time with Spears around the children said Sean’s mom has given him chewing gum, a known choking hazard for toddlers.
"Hey What's the big deal, Y'all? These there baby teeth falls out anyways!" Britney said.