Rod Stewart's Gigantic Ass of a Son to Stand Trial for Brick Attack

A judge has ordered that rock legend Rod Stewart's son must stand trial for an alleged assault that could see him going to jail.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Julius Title acknowledged that witnesses for the prosecution and defense offered conflicting testimony over the incident in which a couple were beaten up outside a party in the Hollywood Hills.
The judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence to allow the case against Sean Stewart to proceed.
Stewart, who is one of the stars of the most boring reality shows EVER, "Sons of Hollywood," pleaded not guilty in June to three charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. He remains free on bail.
Tobalus Stein and his wife Ericka said in their civil lawsuit filed in May that they were in a vehicle around 4 a.m. on April 22 when 27-year-old Stewart and other members of his entourage began "swinging their arms at, punching, throwing bricks and other items at" at the truck.

They claim that they were hit in the unprovoked attack.

The couple claimed to have suffered "shock, horror, fright, worry, grief, shame, embarrassment, anger and chagrin." They are seeking unspecified damages.

Ericka Stein testified at Stewart's hearing this week that she got a bruise on her chest from a brick that was thrown at her. Her husband and said it took hours to remove broken glass from her back.

She told the judge that her husband eventually grabbed a brick and threw it back at Stewart and their other assailants, telling them to leave the couple alone.