P. Diddy & Sinead O'Connor Stick up for Britney

AFTER a traumatic couple of weeks, two of music's biggest (LOSERS) names are backing BRITNEY SPEARS.

Superstar rapper P. DIDDY has jumped to the troubled star's defense, claiming she is not the wild, out of control, party girl everybody thinks.

In fact, he says she's not even a big drinker. (DRUGS anyone?)

The rapper-turned-designer was with the singer the night before her joke of a performance at the MTV Video and Music Awards.

He said: "The times I was around her, in her defense, she didn't drink any alcohol. I didn't see her drink. (That doesn't mean she didn't)

"I was hospitable, I offered everybody a drink and, you know, she had water." (mixed with Vicodin and Morphine and some other stuff)

However, Diddy admits he didn't think to advise Britney not stay out late and get some rest before her big comeback. (If he had, she would have listened for sure!)

"Everybody has their own way. Some people deal with nerves, they can't go to sleep."
(Especially when they are on a bunch of different drugs!)
Meanwhile, SINEAD O'CONNOR has offered to beef up her security. (Ha! Ha! This is just what she needs!)

The Irish singer showed her support for Britney at a show in LA and dedicated her version of Rivers of Babylon to the struggling mum. (To the crowd of 6)

O'Connor told fans: "I've been keeping an eye on a girl who is getting a hard time in the media lately, and I just want her to know that if she needs a bodyguard, I'm her girl."
(Sinead obviously just likes that Britney copied her shaved head look)
Wow, Sinead! The years have been extra cruel to you. Nice cheek hair though.