Denise Richards is a Lying, White Trash Whore

ACTOR Charlie Sheen has been accused of exposing his private parts on sleazy internet sex sites. (Hey, this is HIS BUSINESS. WHO CARES)

The claim comes from his ex-wife Denise Richards, (a cheap nasty hooker before she tricked Charlie into marrying her) who allegedly says the actor has sent a picture of his penis to at least 30 women on "hook-up" sites.

The lying whore is fighting to have 41-year-old Sheen's overnight access to their daughters, aged three and two, stopped, in an attempt to get more money out of him.

And reports in the US say she has included the pictures of his privates in court papers.

Denise, 36, says her reason for the legal action is: "His inappropriate behavior and conduct... including an attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the internet, including revealing his private parts."

Sheen has responded angrily, saying that his ex "behaves as though she owns" Sam, three, and Lola, two.

He added: "She does not. A day of legal reckoning for her is fast approaching."
This bitch also drove Richie Sambora back to rehab, and broke up his marriage to Heather Locklear. She's a real piece of work and needs to go back to whoring.