Rosie O'Donnell's STUPID Poem for Oprah

From Rosie O'Donnell's blog:

ms winfrey

the book
was hard 2 write

things i could barely say aloud
alone in a room
made their way to the comp
thru the key board
or tape recorder

writing is
4 me
by far
the most revealing medium
2 work in

i do not feel ready
to discuss or defend
the things i shared
on those 209 pages

read it urself
take away what u need
leave the rest
it is what it is

the goal always is peace
self revelation
sharing - learning - teaching
wax on wax off

for now
i decided no interviews
about celebrity detox
it is too raw

my no
has nothing 2 do with anything
but me
my need 2 find my place

oprah is a force of nature
her invitation made me cry
her kind words about the book
reinforces what we all know
2 b true about her

although fueds seems 2 b all the rage
there isnt one
regardless of what u read
or see on fast food tv

with pure intent
comes pure result
we pray

off 2 b dawn budge
in the other holy land
peace out peeps

OMG THE WAY SHE WRITES, I seriously can't stand her. GET OVER YOURSELF, you vulgar, gross, spandex wearing FREAK. Her. HIKU. STYLE. The reference to The Karate Kid! It was WAY too early for this. Here's to hoping that Rosie DOES indeed find her place within, and that SHE STAYS THERE.