Here's the Story.. of a Lesbo Brady!

Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) claims she engaged in lesbian activity with Eve Plumb (Jan Brady)while filming the wholesome Brady Bunch. Maureen will details her sexual experiences with Eve in her new tell-all which doesn't hit stores until 2008.

Come ON! It was bad enough to find out that Mr. Brady was an angry gay who didn't even like kids, and that loveable Alice was a hard core lesbian cult truck driver, and now THIS? Why can't things like this just stay a secret?

A source told The National Enquirer, "The most explosive comments will be how the then-blonde, blue-eyed cutie developed a crush on Eve Plumb, which led to some sexual play. This book will certainly come as a shocker. While Maureen is not a lesbian, she reveals there were some sexual hijinks going on behind the scenes. It's bizarre because she played such a virginal character on the show."