Britney Talks to Herself in her Own Language!

Tony Barretto Speaks! (above, he and Britney in "happier times!" Ha! Ha!)

The "secret witness" in Britney Spears' custody battle with KFed was one of her former bodyguards, Tony Barretto. The 27-year-old worked for Britney for 3 months. He said he came forward to testify, because he was concerned about SPF and JJ being a father to young kids himself. He spoke to The News of the World and the article is long as hell. I mean really long. I'm going to give you the rundown, but there's a lot more at News of the World.

OVERDOSE: He claims Britney almost overdosed at The Mondrian Hotel after a binge with Howie Day. This was just hours before her big comeback performance at Anaheim's House of Blues. He claims when he entered the room it was a mess and there was a mound of white powder on the dresser. He also saw a glass pipe which he said was used to smoke meth. "She was in a terrible state, just sweating and shaking. Her pupils were huge—I've never seen her so bad." Tony said when they asked her about it the next day she said, "Yeah, thank God we made it."

BOOZE: Brit would make her bodyguards make her Jack and Coke which is her favorite drink. They would try and trick her by only adding a splash of Jack to the top to make it seem stronger. Tony claims Brit would drink WHILE driving. Like literally drive with a drink in her hand. She smokes and drinks around the kids all the time.

MADE-UP LANGUAGE: He said Brit would talk in this made-up language of hers. She would speak it to the kids as well as her staff. He said one time he caught her by the trash cans talking to herself in her own language.

EATING: Brit gets up at around 2 in the afternoon. Eats Sushi for breakfast and munches on Special K cereal almost all day. She would always make them go to Starbucks and get her a hot and cold coffee drink. He said she would tan daily.

HER KIDS: She never wanted to hold them. When they wouldn't stop crying, she'd always call the dr. or hand them to the nanny or to him. She called the dr. way too much.

CLOTHES & SHOPPING: She makes her bodyguards take pictures of every outfit she wears daily and constantly asks them how she looks. He says the only time she was happy was when she was shopping. She'd carry around her AMEX Titanium card and the bodyguards were given $6,000 in her cash daily to pay for some of her shit. He said she would have stores closed down so she could shop in peace. She even had Rite-Aid shut down.

NUDITY: He was warned about her stripping before he started the job. He said she would get naked all the time around him and the other staff. She would even bend over while naked. He said she would always bring girls home and they would all get naked and go in the jacuzzi. Tony also claims she would grind against his crotch without any panties on.

HYGEINE: Brit didn't want her bodyguards to smell bad. They had to wear cologne and couldn't sweat. However, Tony said Brit would fart and burp all the time.

DRUGS: He claims he saw her snort some white powder on two occasions. Once in a bathroom and another time in a private booth at Hyde.
He has witnessed first hand how the once fresh-faced pop pin-up has degenerated into a disturbed and bloated diva.

Tony reveals the washed-up star, who still makes a staggering 737,000 A MONTH, spends her time either in bed, in a tanning salon or shopping for junk.
And he branded her behavior as bordering on schizophrenic. Ha! Ha! Since when is Tony a psychiatrist?

Tony, who was sacked by the volatile star in May after he failed to pick up a hat she dropped, said: "She was in a different world most of the time. I don't think she even knew my name because she only ever called me ‘baby' or ‘honey'."

But whatever the boozed-up star wanted, he had to do it —even letting her rub her BREASTS on his BOTTOM.

Tony recalled: "We were at a party in Teddy's club in LA one night and I was standing by the dancefloor keeping an eye on the people around her.

"All of a sudden she came up behind me and started rubbing herself on me. She rubbed
her breasts on me and ran her hands provocatively up and down my back.

"I turned around, and she then smiled at me. Over my earpiece, the other bodyguard told me, ‘Dance with her'. I replied, ‘Are you kidding?' He just snapped back, ‘She wants you to dance'.

"So I found myself dancing away with her. She was in a skimpy dress, bumping and grinding into me.

"At one point, she spun round and pushed her bottom into my groin. It was very embarrassing because she doesn't wear knickers.
"But the weird thing is she does buy knickers because I've seen her. So I don't know what she does with them."

Tony also revealed how her depression over her split from Federline drove her close to emotional breakdown and suicide. He said: "I arrived at Britney's home one day to find the most horrible atmosphere. She was screaming and sobbing in her room—and what made us all even more nervous was that she had sent her nanny home and told her PA Alli to pack her bags.

"As Alli was leaving, she told us, ‘She's told me to leave. It's in your hands now. Look after the kids'.

"I remember the other bodyguard told me, ‘Britney's shutting down. I've seen her acting suicidal before. It was just before she shaved all her hair off. "He also told me to keep an eye on the kids and, whatever happened, not to let them near the swimming pool. It was about 2pm. All I could do was keep checking on the pool.

"All sorts of things were going through my mind. One of those was to quit my job. It was all getting too much. I was genuinely scared she would hurt herself." Her bizarre behavior worried him. He said: "As well as talking in strange voices to the children Britney would talk in strange made-up languages to me too.

"And the expression in her face was always deadly serious. One time I found her out by the trash. She was mumbling and talking a whole made-up language.

"I couldn't understand a word of it. It was like something from a different language, like she was trying to be someone else. It was quite scary. She was very confused."
Tony said she clearly regretted shaving her head. "I remember seeing her without her wig on once and it was a shock—although she still looked attractive," he said.

"But she'd have outbursts of crying over it. Once I saw her standing by the sink, shaking, sobbing.

"She was in shorts and a skimpy shirt with no wig on, extremely upset.

"You could see the tears running down her face. I asked, ‘Are you okay, Britney?' She nodded, and turned away from making any more eye contact with me. She looked so lost."

He was also shocked by her strange daily rituals.( like starbucks and tanning is strange!)

Tony revealed: "After getting up at lunchtime and drinking her Starbucks coffee, she goes to a tanning shop in Bel Air, where she spends ten minutes on a UV bed every day. After that she usually eats sushi for lunch or bowls of Special K.

"We were always having to go out to get her Special K. (BIG DEAL, TONY!)

"And she downs can after can of Red Bull or cola. She drinks three Red Bulls an hour. That completes her daily routine."