Bee: A Daily Beatdown From Jigga?

ASSISTANT: I FEAR JAY Z MAY BE BEATING BEYONCE!! January 10. received an explosive email from a woman claiming to be Beyonce's assistant. The woman believes that Jay Z may be abusing Beyonce. Here is the full text of the email:

I wanted to bring this to because I know how you all like to put stuff out no matter what it is. So I felt that I should expose Jay for the ugly [EXPLETIVE] he is. He is always mad, every day. Seems that for a while he's had a problem with keeping his hands to himself. Now I've never seen him just flat out strike Bee, but too many times have I seem him shove and push her. Hard. At first I thought that it was just a little horse play thing between the two - but once I saw how embarrassed Bee was to be man-handled in the front of me in St. Tropez - I realized that it was no joke.

I've been Beyonce's assistant and friend for a while now and I've always wanted to say something but I never felt it was my place. He treats Beyonce like she's an object and not a person. The [EXPLETIVE] should be happy that a beautiful woman finally wants and loves his ugly [EXPLETIVE] for more than just what's in his pockets.
And if you think that Jay Z is above putting his hands woman - think again. obtained a video (seen below) which shows Jay Z violently pushing and hitting an unknown woman

He's always gesturing and shouting at Bee