Suri's Birthday By Helicopter

Held at an Isolated Scientology retreat, and with only a few close family members, Suri's Birthday was a real buzzkill

Chubby Tom greets son Connor

Tom's mentor, David Miscavige tells Tom to pay attention today! This might be the day that he will lead the non-believers into the new galaxy

Oh Oh! Beaver toothed Tom spies the helicopter! His anger boils inside him. What should he do? What can he do? I thought he could move objects with his mind. He could move the helicopter.

No, he'll save his strength in case he is called to go to the new galaxy. For now, he'll pretend to kiss Katie

Son Connor sees the helicopter! "Do you want me to shoot it down, Earth Father?" he cries. Smiling, father replies, "No, child. Let the earthlings have their photographs today. We will see. We will see."

On this sad day where a two year old has a "party" with not one other child her age, and no presents, Suri's sister, Bella writes to Suri in chalk on the driveway. This will be the only normal thing that took place here at the Scientology retreat... perhaps ever.