Jessica: Used Up By Men, With No Career in Sight, She Contemplates a Pregnancy

Jessica is starting to take on the hard, used "Lindsay Lohan look"

Jessica is jealous of her sister Ashlee being pregnant, and getting all the attention. There is absolutely nothing going on in her life career wise, as her last 3 movies were a complete humiliation, just like her last 3 albums. Wait... the ONLY time she was popular was when she was married to Nick Lachey, because he was a likable person then. And she was "famous" for not knowing what tuna was. Period. And her boobs I guess.

Oh, she's been pregnant. At least twice for sure, and some say many more times than that! She told a friend that caring for a baby couldn't be any harder than taking care of Daisy. She'd be in the spotlight again for something other than being a stupid, drunken whore. Daddy Joe wouldn't like it, it would cut back on their intimacy quite a bit if she were pregnant.

Jessica likes girls too, alot. She'll try anything, ask John Mayer. Especially when she's drunk, which is all the time