What a STUPID Idea That Was

“Britney Spears has no plans to appear on the Emmys this Sunday,” a spokesperson for Jive, Spears’s label, tells Usmagazine.com.

According to an Emmy Awards show source, Fox network brass were “in negotiations” with Brit’s camp as of Thursday afternoon in an attempt get her on the television awards show’s annual telecast.

The source told Us that the idea, which was eventually nixed, was “to have her come on and apologize for the VMAs.”

OMG Like she would, and like she should need to. She has humiliated herself enough, who does she owe an apology to? O.J. didn't apologize for killing, and Rosie O'Donnell didn't apologize for inflicting her sickening face and body on us for all of these years. Larry King doesn't bother to say he's sorry for being 110 on T.V. I don't even think she should apologize to that little bitch Justin Timberlake.