Britney Banned From Chateau Marmont for Smearing Food All Over Her Face

According to FoxNews Britney Spears could lose full custody of SPF and JJ as early as this morning due to a "secret witness" that lawyer Gloria Alred is presenting to the court. Other media outlets have reported this witness as being a man that worked for Britney in the past, and he will testify this morning.

Gloria said, “You may recognize him as we walk into court. But maybe not. He is not famous. He’s just someone who’s concerned about the kids.”

In more exciting news, Britney has been banned from The Chateau Marmont! The Sun reports that she was banned from the Hollywood hotel after guests in the restaurant demanded she be kicked out.

They claim Brit was smearing food all over her face. I'm not making this up.

A source said, “The diners were disgusted. You wouldn’t expect that from a teenager in a fast-food joint. Royalty have dined in this restaurant. Her behavior was totally unacceptable.”

"She constantly looked out of it when she came in and the guests began to make noises. The hotel acted before she made a huge scene. No one wants to be banned from staying at the Chateau."