Amy Head Butts a Man, Breaks Into Her Own House

Amy Winehouse leaves home at 8.30pm

Wild-eyed, confused and unsteady on her feet,
this has become a typical night out for the emaciated crackhead.

Following a six-hour pub crawl, the 24-year-old drug addict had to break into her own home early yesterday after losing her keys.

Amy caught red-handed with a marijuana joint in the Good Mixer pub in Camden

She left the pub with Mick Whitnall, guitarist in Pete Doherty's group Babyshambles. My isn't he a hottie.
Love their eyes. I hope my suspicions aren't correct, and that these two are not on some type of illegal substance!

Her eyes were bloodshot and again she looked disheveled - a sight unlikely to impress
her record company bosses, who reportedly threatened to stop her releasing any new material
until she cleans up her act.

On Monday, Amy was nominated for three Ivor Novello awards, which reward excellence in songwriting compositions.

Husband Blake is reported to be self-harming
on a regular basis due to her continued absences while
he is behind bars.
The couple are set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month. LOL!


At one point she emerged and tried to punch
and headbutt a man in the street before buying the
early editions of yesterday's papers and heading
for home, where she had to gain entry via the garage.

Oh dear....

Breaking and entering: Chaotic Amy arrived home without her keys, and then appeared to break into her home via the garage door with the help of her friends