Shocking! Cover Photos of Britney Are Old!

Candace Trunzo’s Star magazine is pretty damn proud about its exclusive Britney photos.
The mag even says “WOW! Exclusive All-New Photos!” (I can’t believe we got these photos!)

One problem - they are not as new as they appear to be.

I've always been a BIG FAN of the tabloids, especially Star and Globe. But how stupid do they think we are? The entertainment news shows are a bunch of lame, corny kiss asses, and their news is stale beyond belief compared to what you can read in the online celebrity blogs! The news shows are about 3 days behind us, and the tabloids are useless now, unless you like week old news. Anyway, don't they know that WE SEE Britney every day, unfortunately, and we don't want her "DIET TIPS!" Please! Cheetos, frapps, and Jack in the Box, yeah we KNOW.

When Mark Pasetsky's CoverAwards called Star magazine today, it was confirmed by an insider that the pics were taken at the end of March.
And this issue went on sale yesterday April 23rd.

What’s wrong with this?
Well, Star positioned this as a diet story and how Britney lost 20lbs in 30 days.

Not only that, but she looks really chubby FOR HER. That is HARDLY what anyone, including Britney, considers to be a "WOW! Bikini Body"

If I’m the reader, I’m expecting that these pictures are from at least the past week - not from nearly a month ago. ALSO, I'm pretty sure that no one cares about her BODY, except her. She has way bigger problems than if she looks good in a bikini.