Amy To Be Arrested

Grammy award-winning singer Amy could be facing arrest and a possible six month jail sentence after she allegedly attacked TWO men while on her drug-fueled bender the other night.

The crazed crackhead, 24, faces a police quiz after claims she 'headbutted' a man who was trying to help the singer get a cab outside a bar, and then was said to have allegedly punched a second victim in the face.

According to the Sun, a source said the singer also kissed a mystery man at a nightspot, and in one bar threw drinks around and overturned tables while she screamed '"I am a legend...I want to take drugs!"

She was later seen smoking drugs in the street and angered a taxi driver by paying only half her promised fare home.

Once inside, she is said to have hit Mustapha el Mounmi after he refused to give way to her at the pool table.The 27-year-old Moroccan musician said: "I feel so angry. She smashed my face hard. I could not hit back- she's a woman."

It was a new low for Amy who was reportedly high on Class A drugs, and was seen in the streets of Camden looking wild-eyed, confused and unsteady on her feet following a six-hour pub crawl.
After playing pool, Amy returned to her flat, but emerged to visit nearby Bar Tok at 2am.

A source told The Sun: "She was off her face, throwing drinks around and turning over tables.

"Amy screamed, 'I am a legend, get these people out. I want to take drugs!"
A good Samaritan then tried to get her a cab, but she reportedly thought he was trying to molest her and allegedly head butted him in the face.

The alleged victim went to police yesterday and reported his claim, sparking the police probe. Sources told The Sun that Amy will be arrested.

If convicted of assault, she could face up to six months' jail and a $2,000 fine.