Pete's Art Exhibition Must Go On Without Him

An exhibition of Pete Doherty's bloody paintings launched in Paris yesterday, but poor Pete was in jail, and, sadly, couldn't be there.

Pete, 29, missed his shining moment at the Chappe Gallery in the Montmartre district of the French capital because he is currently in jail at Wormwood Scrubs for violating his probation terms.

Pete's painting of Kate Moss

People say what constitutes art is up to the individual and it will certainly be up for discussion whether those in the art world take Doherty's gruesome creations seriously.

The controversial exhibition contains 30 paintings by Doherty, who has been using his own blood to paint with for several years now. No word yet on how much one of his masterpieces will go for!

Pete signed his name with his bloody needle in this one... perhaps his finest work!