Ugly Posh Has Another Party, Never Smiles

Where did Victoria Beckham EVER get the idea in her head that she was royalty? She has a pig nose,

she's a horrible bitch, she was a SPICE GIRL, which was NEVER even remotely cool, and she has acne. So why does anyone allow her to go around acting like she's cool for any reason? She's such a nasty bitch that she doesn't even tip!

"Posh has" thrown about 16 birthday parties for HERSELF in the past few weeks. The stars were out in full force to come to her bash at Via Venito last night. All celebs were instructed beforehand not to smile when arriving, as this would make them appear cooler.

Nice boobs! Are they real?

The picture of marital bliss arrive, careful not to smile

They don't want to be seen as having a good time. How undignified... the horror!

Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't need to remind herself not to smile, she's an angry lesbian, and hasn't smiled for almost eight years

Will, who is used to smiling real big so that he will appear happy with Jada, almost forgets, then catches himself at the last second

Gwen Stefani is always smiling, but Gavin tells her sternly: "Remember the rules. We must not smile. Think funeral."

P. Diddy Daddy Puffy Doodle follows no ones rules. He said "I'll smile if I damn well want to."

Victoria, back when she used to smile, and maybe it's best that she doesn't