Katie and Posh: Catfight!

Katie didn't go to Victoria's 34th birthday celebration last week and now I hear they acted as if they didn't know each other when they unexpectedly met at The Polo Lounge in LA.

katie holmes and victoria

Last month Katie and Victoria were in the middle of a bitter catfight over Vogue and tatoos

Katie thought she deserved to be on the cover of Vogue more. Like she deserves anything. For what? Marrying some small gay man?

Yes, Victoria had a lovely Vogue cover. But who was the model? It sure as hell wasn't her.


If they had used her real face, I' afraid it would have looked like this:

and, Katie, I'm sure your Vogue cover would have been swell, but I don't think they want someone who looks 50 years old and is always guffawing like a horse

“When Victoria advised her to get some tattoos like hers,


Katie hit the roof, saying,

‘Tattoos are trashy. I wouldn’t be caught dead with one.”

“Victoria said,

‘How dare she attack my tattoos? I know more about fashion than she’ll ever know.

I have my own line! I’ve told her what to wear and what not to - she used to dress like a schoolgirl. Then she even tried to copy my hair. Now she doesn’t think she needs me.’

Like tatoos are fashionable, you hideous, egg headed bird face freak.

katie dressed like a schoolgirl, much to Posh's horror

Victoria was sick of being asked Scientology questions too.
The pair have gotten into it before, with Posh smashing a boombox over Katie's head, an injury that required her to get 7 stitches
Posh choked Katie once, and that's when Tom said "Enough"

Victoria's friendship with Katie began to fall apart at the welcome to LA party Tom and Katie threw for the Beckham's in July, says the friend. "Victoria sat in the corner with Eva Longoria all night, giggling behind her hand at Tom's wild dancing," reveals the friend. And over the summer, Victoria started drifting away from Katie, 28. "Posh decided that the Tom and Katie connection is the reason A-list celebs have been snubbing them," adds the pal.

After some soul-searching the Spice Girl put the brakes on their friendship. "Katie suggested to Victoria that they meet up in Paris for Fashion Week," says the friend. "But Victoria kept saying she was busy and eventually stopped answering her e-mails."
Katie "started to wonder is she had used her and Tom to climb the social ladder in LA. Katie doesn't get it that they are the only ones on her imagined social ladder.

Katie needs to get over herself. She was on Dawson's Creek, a corny teen show, then she was LAST ON TOM'S WISH LIST for a possible bride that he could control. NO ONE IS IMPRESSED WITH HER "Credentials." As for Posh?! A SPICE GIRL who married a GAY soccer player. Whoaaa... that's really COOL!

As soon as they'd served their purpose, Victoria wasn't interested in being friends anymore." Katie's hurt and disappointed, but not surprised. "She's gotten used to people snubbing her," the friend explains.

"It upsets her that people don't understand why she agreed to be paid to be Tom's beard."