Pete Loses His "Bloody" Home

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Poor Pete. It seems that while he's been in jail, his landlord went over to his quaint country home to have a look-see, and found it to be a bloody hellhole!
He is broke, in the slammer, and now, because of a little blood- it seems he's lost his country retreat!

The jailed junkie is thousands of dollars in debt. Now he has been evicted from his sprawling nine-bedroom mansion after wrecking the place over the past year.
The walls, floor and even some of the windows have been splattered with human blood.
And we're told the stench from his abandoned nine cats is so strong it would turn the strongest stomach.
After taking one look at the carnage, the landlord canceled Doherty's lease.
A close source says: "Pete is homeless, broke and owes thousands to dealers. He destroyed the place by scribbling on the walls, the floor, anywhere he felt like it.

"The beautiful heavy curtains were ripped down and the cats are just running around abandoned. It's a really pathetic state of affairs..

"No one in their right mind is going to rent him a property after what he did." The junkie has been receiving threats from out-of-pocket dealers while he's been inside Wormwood Scrubs, and things aren't going to get any better for him when he's released next month.