Furious Lesbian Lindsay Lohan

Fresh faced Lindsay leaves the club after her fight over Sam Ronson

Lindsay brags to anyone who will listen that she will have an Oscar before she's 25. You're getting closer all the time, Lindsay!

Page Six reports:Sam and Lindsay spent the weekend partying at the Beatrice Inn on Friday and Hawaiian Tropic Zone on Saturday, where Ronson was spinning, but Lohan didn't like all the attention Ronson was getting. "


Ashley Olsen (the "hot" twin) said hello to Sam at the Beatrice, and Lindsay screamed at her, '
Get your 15-year-old 'Full House' bitch away from my girlfriend,' " said our spy.
(Ashley is 22 years old, a year older than Lohan, who is 21, but looks 47.)
Saturday, Lohan said Ronson "was ignoring her" and became upset. "Samantha was really focused on her work and didn't leave the booth for anything," said our spy. Lindsay is so into her woman, she's even created a Facebook profile under "Lindsay Ronson." In that profile, Lindsay urges, "Don't believe the HYPE. I'm taking sober living seriously." LOL! Yes, and this was written at 4;30 AM. She looks so healthy and lives so wholesomely too!

The pain of an orange lesbian deeply in love