A New Big Headed Love For Maniston

People Magazine reports that Jennifer Maniston had a late, private lunch with so called musician John Mayer in a Miami restaurant that opened Friday afternoon just for them, and then the couple spent a lengthy dinner together Friday night.

When it came to lunch, "I was happy to accommodate them," says Charles Bell, general manager of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in the Miami Design District, which opened its doors for the pair early at 3:30 p.m. for the 90-minute meal.

Maniston, in Miami shooting the movie Marley & Me with Owen Wilson, ordered a chopped chicken salad, while Mayer had a Serrano ham sandwich which "Jen ate some of," says Bell. For dessert, they shared a chocolate-and-peanut-butter layered treat.
"Sitting across from each other in a booth, their heads were close together."
I wonder if Maniston is aware of big headed Mayer's sick sexual preferences that involve acts that are "best" committed in hotel rooms with maids refusing to clean up after them? I wonder if she knows about Mayer and Perez Hilton?

In case you missed it: http://thetattlebuzz.blogspot.com/2008/04/perez-hilton-jessica-simpson-rubbed.html

Ok, gross. Both of them, and their peanut butter layered treat. sickkkkkkkkk!!!!