Another Bitch With a Reality Show

I love: her fake wig, how cool she thinks she is, and how Skeletor is trying to look intelligent, like he's deep in thought

Juggling motherhood? I bet that's really hard! More importantly, WHAT CAREER?? What career, I need to know! JLo, the fugly control freak, will star, co-create and co-executive produce a reality show for TLC. The show will follow JLo as" she juggles her career and motherhood." TLC is calling it a “docu-series." The producers are calling her "Miss Jennifer." She's still what she is. A tired, played out nasty untalented bitch with a boring, fake reality show. JLo said, “I am excited to be part of the TLC family. I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together." Sure she is, what a BITCH.

Wow! Those kids have Skeletor's exact features already. They are going to be real heartbreakers