Lindsay Pumped Her Chest.. Cool!

Lindsay Lohan is quite the party girl. People magazine gave us some hot details of her every corny move at the club where her husband was DJ-ing. Someone seriously needs to put her out of her misery. "Lindsay and Sam arrived together, both wearing black leather jackets, right on time at 12 a.m. A haggard Lohan stationed herself at a table directly behind Ronson’s deejay booth in the second level VIP section, which overlooked a packed dance floor. For the first hour, the star sat at her table, boring a bunch of strangers and chain smoking cigarettes.

This part makes me sick:
Then Lohan started dancing to
Britney's “Gimme More.”Guzzling Grey Goose and Red Bull cocktails, she danced the night away with other lesbians. Lohan really got into the music, tossing her hair around and doing full body rolls – even throwing her hands in the air and singing along to Madonna’s new song “4 Minutes.” She also sang along and pumped her chest to “Soulja Boy.
I love "EVEN throwing her hands in the air" like whoaaaaaa NO WAY?! WHO CARES!!!! and she pumped her chest, okay I have the worst chills right now. GROSSSSS.