Amy's Weekend Friend Hauled Away By Police

Sadie Frost's boyfriend Kristian Marr was taken away by police
in the early hours of this morning after breaking
into Amy Winehouse's garage.

The Towers of London bassist, 24, was left outside
Amy's north London home after the pair shared a car
home from Henley, Oxfordshire, where they had
spent the weekend with friends.

Kristian Marr Amy Winehouse's garage 12 May 2008

Instead of returning to his own home, the
sleepy rocker broke into Amy's garage and
snuck under it for a nap.

As he snuck under the door, his baggy trousers
started to slip down, exposing his blue "underpants"
to the onlooking paparazzi. LOL!

His forty winks didn't last too long when
the police arrived
at 2am this morning and coaxed him
out of the garage.

In a bid to remain in the garage,(Sickkkk!!!!!!!!!!!)
Kristian told police he was in the Rehab singer's band
and was "staying with her".

Amy Winehouse arriving home 12 May 2008

HER FINGERNAILS!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!! A pale Amy
returns home to her London flat
after spending the weekend in Oxfordshire
Police attempted to contact the singer for clarification,
but it seemed she had fallen asleep.(passed out)
The confused guitarist then asked police
to phone Sadie, but found she was also sleeping.
The officers offered to drive Kristian home
to Sadie's home in Primrose Hill, but he quickly
rebuffed the opportunity, replying,
"No, I don't think she will be too pleased."

Kristian Marr Amy Winehouse's garage 12 May 2008

The Towers of London bassist breaks into the garage doors
After searching Kristian, the police escorted him
into a squad car
and quickly drove away.
Amy was spotted cuddling up to Kristian
as they relaxed in the sunshine in Henley over the weekend.

Kristian Marr Amy Winehouse's garage 12 May 2008

Kristian's breaking and entering is rumbled by police who quickly coax him out of the garage

Kristian Marr Amy Winehouse's garage 12 May 2008

A police officer escorts Kristian Marr to a squad car

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