Lindsay is Innocent

Lindsay Lohan can't afford representation. So when someone is quoted as "Lindsay's rep" it's really just her, or her husband, Sam. I LOVE her defense. She "didn't do it." And her "rep" is using the same tired, lame stale phrase to describe how great Lindsay's life is right now, "she's in a good place."

This is crazy!” says Lohan’s rep in response to the allegations. “They are being paid for their interviews. I want that on the record. The bombing of Lindsay has to stop. She is in a good place right now. Why can’t everyone leave her alone? She didn't do anything! She doesn't steal!"
Yeah, if a good place is waking up in some hideous lesbian's bed, hungover after a night of guzzling red bull and vodka, and picking at your scabs to see if there's any coke in them. Then, layering on about 5 inches of make-up, smearing yourself with orange tanner, and squeezing your sausage legs into some of your cheap, nasty, shiny leggings,and pairing them with a pair of big clumsy men's tennis shoes.

Up next, a few more lines, then off to hustle a job, even a whoring job, anything to keep the Lindsay train rollin'. Get fired, be turned down at a few more auditions, and then it's time to relax with a little self mutilation. If someone sees it, no prob, your "rep" will just say um... I know! That you stumbled in some bushes. That worked really good last time you hacked up your wrists. At around seven o'clock, it's time to layer on some more make-up, go to the club, get drunk again,
and get in a fight with someone you IMAGINE is after your ugly girlfriend/husband, then find someone's house to go to so you can steal some more stuff.

Do these pics make you excited about her new line of leggings? Leggings aren't cute with stripper shoes, and I need to know who is going to want these. I mean, if you needed or wanted cute leggings, you'd already have them, and they would come from Nordstrom's, not Lindsay.

And, the thing about leggings is, they are all the same, but it's the material that is important. And no one wants SHINY bunched up leggings, so gross

There must be something wrong with me this morning, besides that I can't get my computer to work. I think I'm feeling sympathy for Lindsay..