Lindsay's Birthday is an Internationally Media Worthy Event!

The happy couple today, buying groceries, including Baked Lays
Lindsay is turning 22 and wants someone to pay for her party. Here is what you get if you are interested in sponsoring her birthday party:

"Sponsors will have a unique branding opportunity to an internationally media worthy event. Lindsay and her 10 closest girlfriends will start the celebration in the early afternoon with spa treatments including manicures, facials and massages.

Upon nightfall an intimate group of 75 VIP guests will gather for dinner, performances and most importantly to help Lindsay blow out the candles on her 22nd Birthday cake."

Wait.. Lindsay has 10 girlfriends? No, really. She has Samantha Ronson, and no one else! Help her blow out candles? UGH, who CARES?? Facials? Yuk, what kind of party is this? Lindsay will perform? Oh, count me in! I can't wait to see who will want to sponsor this lesbo boozefest!! To see the website dedicated to honoring the day of Lindsay's birth, go to: