Dina: "Lindsay Isn't a Lesbo"

When asked if her daughter was a lesbo, Mommy Lohan said, “It’s so silly. We actually laugh about it now."
Lindsay and Dina sure "laugh" about alot of things, according to Dina. I can't even picture these two coked up hags laughing. Last week, they laughed hysterically over Lindsay stealing that orange fur coat that matches her tanner.
Lindsay with well known Hollywood lesbo, I can't think of her name, and you don't care anyway. I like her boots! Gross, her taste in SHOES. They are the same shoes my first husband was wearing when I met him in 1975, and they were retarded then.

Dina told press, “Samantha’s an amazing girl,” with Ali adding, “They’re best friends. They’re just friends. It’s pathetic what people say.” Ali? Like anyone values your opinion, like you know anything, and you are excruciatingly pathetic.

" It really does hurt… but you develop a thick skin. You have to ignore it.”

They sure have alot of stuff to ignore, don't they? They are in a perpetual state of denial. Lindsay's not a thief, not a lesbo, isn't drinking and on drugs, didn't get fired from her only two jobs this year.