Tom & Katie "Babysit" The Beckhams

Tom and KATE went to watch Tom's lover, David Beckham, play soccer. Posh had really important things to do, she needed to practice her bitch face, so Tom and KatE agreed to watch The Beckham's three sons, below. Of course, a nanny or two and a bodyguard were the real babysitters. Look how intensely Tom's love burns for Becks!

LA Galaxy match

In the VIP box: (Where else?) The Beckham's kids
Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn (left to right)
Isabella, 15, right

Tom cheered David as he played at the home LA
Galaxy stadium, yelling:


But tragically, his cheers were in vain –
because LA Galaxy were thrashed 2-1 by the New York
Red Bulls.

Katie really loves watching the soccer game! You can tell it's her passion.

In this pic, Tom was overheard roaring, "That's my boy! Way to kick, champ! YEAH!! RIGHT ON!!"

LA Galaxy match

And in Tom's mind........

Katie looks older than Tom now!!! Look at her, she
looks like Eleanor Donahue, Princess from
Father Knows Best, and Andy Griffith's girlfriend.
Wait, Tom is 45, how old is Kate? 54?
I think she's 26! What a hag.

LA Galaxy match
And I notice the publicity conscious couple left Suri's ba-ba at home, so she's trying to devour her fist.
LA Galaxy match