Jessica: Binge Drinking Alone While Tony Finds "Love"

That didn't take long. Tony Romo moves fast, and already has another girlfriend he met in Chicago. Her name is Lindsey Butreus. (like we care)

But here's what we do care about: Every time that moron Jessica is dumped, as she always is, I think about her three abortions, one of them with Nick. I think of her sickening dad, and how Jessica thought she was too cool for Nick, the only reason she ever had even a speck of "fame" in the first place. More pics of Lindsey and Tony, then for the really pathetic part

Tony is an ass, you can tell, and he doesn't want Jessica, but he wants someone who looks like her, that's funny too

Okay this is so sick: Papa Joe has been calling Tony non-stop BEGGING him to say he and Jessica aren't broken up, and that he's getting ready to propose to her, and that he NEEDS to be Jessica's DATE at Ashlee's wedding, or it will ruin her ceremony because of the bad press. NOBODY WANTS YOUR DAUGHTER, PAPA J! (except for you)

She's used goods, a drunken, slutty, stupid mess. Nick has to be loving this! Papa Joe wants to pretend that someone wants Jessica, just like he pretends Jessica has a CAREER.