Don't Bother a Man When He's Having His Homo Fantasies

You already know about the soccer game that was the perfect photo opp for The Cruise fam, since Tom and Kate hadn't been seen with Connor and Isabella since the summer of 2006.
Kate is a hunched over old woman zombie, and Tom was in a frenzied state as he never took his eyes off his dream lover, Becks. Suri was crying because of the noise, but Tom didn't care! Nothing would spoil his homo fantasy.. nothing.

Finally, Isabella, the only one with any sense, was yelling, "Earth Father! We must stop the small wise one from her screaming! Earth Father! Are you listening?!" while Bella tried to comfort Suri with a doll. It was in this moment that Bella realized that perhaps her earth father was, indeed, insane. Tom is on the edge of his seat, literally, watching his man score a goal. "Not now, child, I warn you!" he murmured in his strict and uncompromising tone.