Mariah Carey Has Diarrhea All The Time

Mariah and Nick had a big Magic Mountain Wedding party for friends at Six Flags, but because of all the laxatives Mariah takes, she has stinky poop..all the time. The theme of their party was Mariah & Nick: A Love Story, but Mariah's pooping problems put a damper on their magical love. Mariah insists that a bathroom attendant follow her everywhere she goes, to block anyone from entering the bathroom after her, especially her friends!
Nick & Mariah: The New Heidi & Spencer

I assumed Mariah's poop smelled like butterfly kisses and marshmallow creme

The newlyweds were driven around the park in a golf cart. At all times, Mariah was followed by a hairstylist and makeup artist. Mimi had her own private pot to tinkle in, and big guards right outside the bathroom — you know, to keep her friends out. Their guests were forced to use port-a-potties.

Nick was seen discussing laxatives on the phone with Mariah at Rite Aid yesterday, and then buying some for his princess. Today he was photographed buying her little presents at the Hello Kitty Store in Beverly Hills, her favorite place