Lindsay's Husband Has a Hickey

Hey, um.. Samantha? Your hat doesn't make you look hip, or unique, it looks really, really stupid. Hats like that enjoyed a bit of success in 1983 with the Brat Pack revolution, but since then, um... no one wears them. And even if your hat WAS "cool," it's too small for your head. Your hickey is gross, and hickey's "went out" in the late seventies. I give you props for the clever cig accessory though. Talk to you later, Julie

P.S. You guys are both really ugly bitches.. pale,rough, nasty skin, dark eye circles, bitch looks on your faces, UGH

Bonus Pics! When lesbo's go grocery shopping

Sweet boots

Ugly Ali trying to be a hip biker chick

Gross pic of Lindsay's butt