Get a Pen! Amy Shares Her Health Tips

I go to the gym, I drink a lot of water and I eat right. I’ll eat West Indian [food],

KFC, tuna salad, chicken soup — that’s about all I eat. I’m fussy. I don’t smoke weed anymore.” Amy on how she stays healthy

Every time I think Amy couldn't look worse, she does! Here she is in Henley, Oxfordshire this past weekend with Sadie Frost's boyfriend, Kristian Marr. Sadie is Jude Law's ex-wife.

Amy, who had earlier stripped down to just her bra and tiny denim shorts, shared a hug with the equally scrawny guitarist, who had also removed his top for his " jam session".

This is my "favorite one"

Her ribs are clearly visible - a contrast to her oddly bloated stomach

Amy in healthier times