Brooke Hogan Still Running Her Mouth

John Graziano was a person before he knew asshole Nick Bollea/Hogan

I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we have heard and seen enough of the Hogans/Bollea's whatever , to make our own decisions that yes, they are a family of self-centered assholes. So Brooke, the big ugly man needs to STFU. Now, from Brookie's Myspace:

You are really gross, what a BEAST

Monday, May 12, 2008

Current mood: pissed off
Category: Life

I know most of the public thinks my brother is some rich little selfish kid, but NO ONE knows the real story and I’m really pissed that the truth didn’t come out from either side. A LOT of lies were told in that trial. Believe me. And it wasn’t from us. John was NEVER home. He was at our house. ALL THE TIME. that should say enough…. Im not going to be out spoken right now, but If some s*** doesn’t start getting straightened out, A lot of people are going to eat their words for lieing. I know all of the truth and I have back up. I never know how twisted this world could be but I’m starting to figure it out. And I’m gonna have to jump off my high road and tackle some ppl who are taking the low road. I know you guys don’t understand, but you will really really soon. Keep praying. And by the way, before you judge anybody, make sure you really know them. I promise you if you were to meet my brother he would give you the shirt off his back. He’s not “NICK HOGAN.” AND hes not the person he plays on tv. People are so gullible now a days…

Dear Brooke,

This crap about "He's not Nick Hogan, he's a TV character..." has NOTHING to do with how he drives, or how many speeding tickets he had BEFORE he turned his friend into a vegetable. Since when was NICK BOLLEA AN ACTOR playing a ROLE? SICK! Oh, and Brookie? We aren't as "gullible" as you think, moron. Not a soul on earth cares if "you're pissed," and if any of us PRAYS, it won't BE FOR YOU OR NICK, and it won't be because you told us, you egomaniac little bitch. Oh, and don't flatter yourself, the whole world isn't sitting around talking about The Bollea family. You go after those liars, Brooke! Those no good liars with their brain dead son! Maybe your Myspace friends can go beat them up or something!

nice hand cuffs