Madonna: Desperately Seeking Attention

Madonna continues to act desperate and try to convince young people how cool she is by using the word “fuck” during a live television performance in England over the weekend. “Fuck,” if you haven’t heard, is a word all the kids these days are saying because it shocks and offends the old folks and the squares.
The Sun reports:

The singer used the f-word twice during the Radio 1 Big Weekend gig live on BBC3. Holding an S&M-style cane, she said: “You guys are going to have to start fucking it up out there because I need to feel some love. I’m going to do an old song. But not too old. Fuck the present. Let’s live in the past.”

In a savage review The Times wrote she was “sterile” and “soulless” resembling “an embarrassing grandmother who is desperately trying to be hip”.

Pictures from this performance this past weekend. How can she think those ugly Adidas track pants are "sexy" or "hip?" She's so ugly! She reminds me of someone so much...wait.. oh I know who! Baby Jane Hudson.

Thankfully, she covered her hands, but she should have done the same with her arms. And her face.

She needs to SHUT HER BIG UGLY MOUTH. For good.