I Want This Book!

Rush & Molly reports that a new book called "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back" comes out June 1st and promises to feature full-frontal nude shots of Daniel Radcliffe, Ewan McGregor, Richard Gere, John Malcovich and more. The book also claims Johnny Depp is known as "donkey dick." Sean Connery also has a huge one. GROSSSS.
Also in the book:
Marilyn Monroe
had an affair with Ronald Reagan

Marilyn had a fling with Joan Crawford, but ended it. Marilyn told Shelley Winters, "She had bad breath. Besides, she wanted to do things to me that no woman should do to another woman."

James Dean showed a disconcerting interest in a 12-year-old boy. Elia Kazan, "I've known many actors who have been twisted up in their sex lives, but never anybody as sick and unhealthy as Dean was."

Elvis Presley got it on with Nick Adams

Lucille Ball was a hooker before she was famous. Desi Arnaz had a fling with Cesar Romero.

Cary Grant had an incestuous relationship with his stepson

Strange things happened to Judy Garland's dead body (this in the chapter on "Fan Worship and Necrophilia").