Britney Gets A Little More Custody

Britney did well in her custody hearing in court today, although Kevin retained full custody. She will be allowed to spend time with the two boys in the presence of a court-appointed monitor and her parents, but the court declined to comment how much time exactly.
Kevin arrived trying to look like a gangsta
Kevin Federline arriving for court for child custody status hearing May 2008

Following the hearing today, Britney's parents Jamie and Lynne Spears released a statement saying: "We're so pleased with Britney's progress and we're very appreciative of the court's recognition of her progress."

In the courtroom, Britney whispered her name to a judge as she stood in front of a packed courtroom.

"Britney" she mumbled when Commissioner Scott Gordon asked her to confirm her identity.

"I need your full name" the judge said, as laughter rang out around the packed courtroom.

"Britney Spears" she said a little more loudly.