Your Daily Amy

Now I know it's hard to believe, but Amy made a spectacle of herself today after being caught in traffic. Not content to sit patiently in her car, the crazed singer roamed the freeway, giving drivers more than they bargained for as she went from car to car in an effort to scrounge a lighter for her cigarette to pass the time. She was yelling into the traffic, at no one in particular, "What's the bloody problem! Let's go! I have places I need to be, mates!"

In a troubling sign, her arms were covered in fresh scratches and cigarette burns, thought to be the result of self-mutilation.
Earlier this week Amy was arrested for possession of Class A drugs and later released on bail after visiting a London police station by appointment.

Winehouse was questioned over a video which allegedly showed her smoking crack cocaine.
Amy directs traffic

Sex kitten Amy gave motorists a once in a lifetime thrill when she decided to work on her tan, exposing her sensual curves to grateful onlookers

For awhile, helpful Amy directed traffic, yelling "Get your bloody asses moving! I'm a Grammy winner! Do you hear meeeee!!!"

Amy went from car to car in search of a lighter for
her cigarette, where the passengers were clearly
making fun of her