Quote of the Day

pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior

"She'd be welcomed in my magazine. Very pretty lady. Her picture was so innocent, which further proves how schizophrenic we are about sexuality in America."
... Eighty SIX year old Hugh Hefner, on the beautiful portrait of skanky Miley Cyrus.

Okay, where do I start?
1. LIKE Miley Cyrus is pretty or a lady. She's a vulgar, pig- faced little hillbilly who got lucky on a Disney show. She's anything BUT "pretty."

She's Lindsay! Only Lindsay was cute at 15

She's giving us her corny peace sign here, too, but you just can't see it

2. If her picture was so "innocent", then what does it have to do with "sexuality in America?" She looks dead! So sexy..... AND, WHY is "America schizophrenic about thinking it's wrong for ANYONE to think a 15 year old is SEXY?" (Especially when she isn't, but that's beside the point)

3. Oh, I bet she'd be welcomed alright, into your mildewy old broken down bed to watch silent movies and eat thin soup, then have "sex" for 7 seconds with you and a bunch of dumb whores.

4. You are every bit as gross and corpse like as Larry King, YUK. I love when the stupid sluts fawn all over you and pretend to be attracted to you. LIKE THEY ARE
5. You don't begin to see how gaggingly inappropriate you are, even thinking of a 15 year old posing nude, do you?

She's a wholesome 15 year old! She hangs at da Klub with trannies, guzzling red bull w/vodka

She shows us her bra, (thanks! We wanted to see it)

She lays around on boys in their early 20's, always with her red demon slut eyes

and, finally, she poses highly inappropriately with her dad, Achy Breaky Heart Legend, Billy Ray. Okay, I'll be right back, I need to barf, I can't believe what I just said. If my dad and I ever tried to pose for a pic like this, we'd be laughing so hard

But.. they're country! They do things diff-IRNT over in them parts

Do these losers even know what innocent even means? It's not this:

It's this:
or this, a real innocent fifteen year old