Ugly No Talent Skank Badmouths Britney

Well, there are a few instances where I have to take the Britster's side, and this is definitely one of them. Asslee Simpson, who can't sing and can't dance and is a moron, and is still ugly, even after more plastic surgeries than we can count, has made fun of Britney. WTF?!!

This skanky, ridiculous nobody, who doesn't have an ounce of talent, and is pregnant by an openly gay emo freak, and has had regular sex with her big fat obnoxious dad, called Britney "trashy." HOW DARE SHE. No, really. Britney's "trashyness" came from a mental illness, from being the biggest star in the world at a young age. Asslee has never been anything close to a "star" of ANY KIND, and is a nasty slutbag who got the idea from her Daddy that she was someone. Bad news, bitch, you are a JOKE. You can't even lip synche!

I was so furious when I heard this that I wanted to get Lynne Spears reaction, so she agreed to meet with me. I asked her if it would be alright if I took a photo of her as she learned what I had to tell her. She said Sure, so I told her what Asslee said:

Lynne said: "Britney is TRASHY??! Tell that dirty haired little whore that my baby was a sweet, honest, hard working girl until she fell ill, and she never had sex with her dad, that's for sure! My baby has more talent in her frappucino residue than that banana nosed bitch ever had in her entire pigeon toed body, and she better hope I never see her anywhere alone because I will rip her fake nose right off her face and stick it in her homo boyfriends butt!!"
Watch the video clip of Asslee calling Brit TRASHY here: