I seriously can't believe the depths of her ugliness

Overworked new mom Nicole finally takes a moment to herself to go to driving school (how many years does she have to go?!)

Sweaty old hag Madonna.
Hey, "MO-MO?" I saw your vid with Justin today, even though I've purposely been trying to avoid it, and you are really embarrassing yourself. You aren't "fat", but there are other things besides fat that make someone unattractive. Big rippling muscles, for example. Being sexually (trying to be, I should say) suggestive with someone young enough to be your grandson. Oh, and by the way, he's gay and an ugly freak. When your skin is the color, well it is no color, too white to even be called white. Nice legs! Let's call the color of your legs "doughboy pasty". Oh, other things that make you unattractive? Your fake concern for the country where you bought your son, and bullied the less fortunate into giving you your way. Your know-it-all "Oprah complex" where you feel entitled to rule the world! That you make sweat in your crotch when you exercise. That you announce at every opportunity that you hate fat people. That your only friend is a big, disgusting, loud mouthed, attention whore unfunny obnoxious nobody, who is fat, by the way, "RO-RO". Hope this helped, Julie

The most beautiful woman in the world!

Arnold is smokin' hot

espesh his brows!

John Mayer still has a huge head

Brit looking too happy yesterday

Lindsay and her man last night

Amy smells herself

One pathetic drunk and two beautiful women at The Rainforest Foundation benefit concert
Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley and their daughter, 22 year old Alexa

Jennifer Love Hewitt won an award for "Proudest Beach Body"

Anything to draw attention away from the size of his HEED

I hope and pray that Matt Damon's new look is for a movie

Who is "wearing" this ugly ass with the too tight jeans and the corny boots?

Skanky "Liho" with her husky lover, David Spade, I mean Samantha Ronson

Britney is buying a six million dollar mansion in Encino to be closer to her man, K-fed

So sickening and cheesy they both deserve to die a slow and torturous death

Larry King is not funny, annoying, boring beyond belief, pathetic, a corpse, and completely insane. Oh! and really really creepy. Look at his face!!!!!!!

Let's give one more nod to Dina for her mom of the year award.. love her nostrils