I Told You It Was True!

Many of my readers thought I made up the Dina Lohan Mother of the year thing, and here's your proof!
and I will say, she does look rather angelic here, doesn't she?

She was awarded with a six dollar plaque, but the Mingling Mom's, a bunch of silly trash, were mad that the media kept shouting, "WHY?! Why Dina Lohan?!", and ruined their ceremony.
Dina even flared her nostrils to prove she didn't have coke in them

Newsday asked the wrinkly ol' cokehead what kind of advice she gives to Lindsay, and everyone became silent, because they couldn't WAIT to hear.
Dina then grabbed her old haggard mom by the neck and was heard saying, "Smile, you old bitch, and remember what I told you to say! Don't make me mad or you won't get your groceries this week!"

She told Newsday:
"I tell her to stay honest, and to always be morally correct. I tell her if she sees a mink coat she wants, to just take it. And to always wear plenty of orange tanner smeared all over her face, especially in between her eyes. I say listen to me, I'm your mother, and can I get some more money, because my last coke shipment was a little pricey."