What Will It Take To Put Oprah Out Of Her Misery?

or I should say out of OUR misery. This is why I can't watch Oprah, and haven't been able to for years. Just the way she announces her guests with such BRAVADO and smugness makes me sick. EX: "TEEEEE-NAH!!!! TURNERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!" "JOHN TRAH!!!!!! VOLTAAAAAAA!!!" Then, she used to stand in the front row when some performer would be doing their song, and she'd be wildly clapping, never TO THE MUSIC, mind you, just clapping, trying to dance, pretending to know the words, (she NEVER DID) because, if you saw her trip with Gayle, you know she hates ALL MUSIC and refuses to listen to any of it.

Okay, so the standing in the front row thing gave me chills, just so humiliating to watch but now this fat dumpy big mouthed egomaniac has to go ON STAGE with Cher and Tina Turner, like ANYONE wants to see her up there UGH
and if her being up there wasn't bad enough, now that retarded Gayle has to go up on stage and march like some kind of a moron, Oprah has to make sure that she has all the attention at all times, so she angrily warned Gayle to stop with all her cool marching.
What is she pointing at! "Look at me, studio audience, who kisses my ass! I'm on TV dancing with Cher and Tina Turner because it's my show and I can do what I want! I don't care how much of a freak everyone knows I am!"